The Flame of Death

for Muath al-Kasaesbeh

His cries echoed through the deserts
A sound of anguish shook the earth
Causing the sands to lie still in fear
The desert wind to stop moving and listen.

The palm trees watched in fascination
Mesmerized by the seemingly fluid movement of the dancing flame
The flame of death
Dancing wild and free round its subject –the captive.

Gone is the sound of anguish
Gone is the dancing flame
Gone is the captive’s suffering
He is finally freed –freed from the flame of death.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2015 by Willyn T Trabajador


Mission Accomplished

In memory of our PNP-SAF heroes, the Fallen 44

His father drowns himself in a bottomless beer
while his mother lay in bed, catatonic;
both taking refuge in Lethe’s embrace,
both unable to watch their beloved son’s eternal sleep.

While out there, the enemy is jubilant.
Celebrating his self proclaimed victory.
A twisted grin formed out the corners of his mouth
as he gloats over the robust stalks of the crimson corn field
–a perfect offering to his murderous prophet.

In the palace of the Chief, chaos commenced.
Fingers pointing east, west, north, south
like a defective compass;
shifting directions, running from shame.
Not one to blame for the hero’s demise.

And while his family is grieving,
the enemy rejoicing,
his superiors playing the blame game;
the hero in heaven hovered over them, thinking none
of the justice not served but,

of his wish to know
whom he will go to and say,
Mission Accomplished.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2015 by Willyn T Trabajador

Religious Nut

You rant on like an idiot
You look like a maggot
You preaching shit in here
It’s something I can’t bear.

Why do you have to do this?
Why do you preach us shit?
Who cares about your religion?
Oh no! Not me, you dimwit.

Hell is waiting to roast your ass
Satan wants a lick of it
A jackass like you will be dinner
To the devil’s hungry pet.

Grow a brain cell, think again
Is it good to preach religion?
I want none of all those ranting
I would rather watch some porn.

Now, now look here, you boring twat
Stop being a religious nut
I want no more of your stuff
That shit bores me really fast.

Pack your bags and take a hike
See the doctor, ask advice
Your mental state is getting worse
Have it cured or face remorse.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2014 by Willyn T Trabajador

The Terrorist

He looked so dignified when he got out of his car
His face reminds me so much of a Hollywood star
I feel like a teenager swooning over a new crush
And foolish as this one may sound, I just can’t help but, blush.

I started stalking this cute stranger as he went inside the bank
Inside, I sat right next to him and acted nonchalant
Then, suddenly he shouted, “Jihad” and grabbed me in the neck
I knew right then, I have been foolish – this guy is just a terrorist.

If only I could turn back times, I would have looked hard in his eyes
I’m sure by then it would have been easy for me to recognize
That this guy is no Tom Cruise or Sylvester Stallone
He’s just another terrorist, all set to bring us doom.

But, now it’s too late to regret my previous stupid deed
This guy is soon to put a bullet in my head
And as he started chanting, “Allah Akbar” to my face
I closed my eyes and waited for death’s cold embrace.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2015 by Willyn T Trabajador

The Search for Freedom

Across the seas, I travelled far
To Arab lands so strange to me
I wanted to get away from where
I felt much pain and melancholy

And so, I came to this foreign land
The land where I am a total stranger
I thought that I, at last have freedom
To be what I am and make myself better.

Now, that I’m here, I learned a lot
I learned things in a hard, hard way
I learned to act deaf and learned to stay blind
And I yearn more, much more for freedom.

And then, I came to realize
That there is no freedom here for me
But, my journey here has made me wise
I now know how I could be free.

I found my freedom, not in here
I travelled far to no avail
It’s hard to find it everywhere
For freedom is in my own will… to be free.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2011 by Willyn T Trabajador