This Stupid Soul Mate Crap

You promised me forever, forever it will be
You promised you will love me beyond eternity
I took those words to heart; it’s stupid I can see
They’re nothing but, all bullshit, nonsense and damn empty.

The day that I have met you, you’re full of promises
I listened and believed you, believed you nonetheless
My friends asked me to leave you and not put my life in mess
But, I paid no attention and put my heart on stress.

We started making plans, we planned our lives ahead
A house, a kiss, a kid, as soon as we are wed
Then, one day out of nowhere, you started acting dead
Uncaring, unresponsive, you fecking shitty pisshead.

Now, I’m left asking myself what is this soul mate shit?
I used to think it’s bullshit and nothing but a myth
I should not have believed you nor listened just one bit
Now, look where did it get me? I’m so near out my wits.

This stupid soul mate thing is nothing but some crap
Created by some idiots, designed to cause mishap
I fucking feel so mad now and wishing I could slap
Slap you a thousand times and end it with a clap.

I hope you will be smart enough to stay out my sight
For I can’t guarantee that you’ll still see the light
When next day gives its sunshine, shining oh so bright
I’m bound to kill your sorry ass, and that will be your plight.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2015 by Willyn T Trabajador


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