The Terrorist

He looked so dignified when he got out of his car
His face reminds me so much of a Hollywood star
I feel like a teenager swooning over a new crush
And foolish as this one may sound, I just can’t help but, blush.

I started stalking this cute stranger as he went inside the bank
Inside, I sat right next to him and acted nonchalant
Then, suddenly he shouted, “Jihad” and grabbed me in the neck
I knew right then, I have been foolish – this guy is just a terrorist.

If only I could turn back times, I would have looked hard in his eyes
I’m sure by then it would have been easy for me to recognize
That this guy is no Tom Cruise or Sylvester Stallone
He’s just another terrorist, all set to bring us doom.

But, now it’s too late to regret my previous stupid deed
This guy is soon to put a bullet in my head
And as he started chanting, “Allah Akbar” to my face
I closed my eyes and waited for death’s cold embrace.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2015 by Willyn T Trabajador


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