Religious Nut

You rant on like an idiot
You look like a maggot
You preaching shit in here
It’s something I can’t bear.

Why do you have to do this?
Why do you preach us shit?
Who cares about your religion?
Oh no! Not me, you dimwit.

Hell is waiting to roast your ass
Satan wants a lick of it
A jackass like you will be dinner
To the devil’s hungry pet.

Grow a brain cell, think again
Is it good to preach religion?
I want none of all those ranting
I would rather watch some porn.

Now, now look here, you boring twat
Stop being a religious nut
I want no more of your stuff
That shit bores me really fast.

Pack your bags and take a hike
See the doctor, ask advice
Your mental state is getting worse
Have it cured or face remorse.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Β© 2014 by Willyn T Trabajador


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