I am thinking about thinking
Deliberating what to do
I’ve been having serious problems
How to solve it? I’ve no clue.

I tried scribbling on a paper
Listed down what’s bugging me
And when I’m done with the listing
I threw the pen away.

I tried talking to a friend
Hoping to be enlightened
But, such bad luck on my end
We’re on the same boat, yet again.

Then, I thought about suicide
About ropes and pills and knives
But, I’m so afraid to try it
The funeral is high in price.

Sitting here so in despair
I’m at a loss of what to do
I think this world is so unfair
To some of us, yes. It is true.

So now, I’m back to my scribbling
I am writing furiously
I hope soon as I’m done with this
My issues are all gone away.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2015 by Willyn T Trabajador


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