Mama, I Don’t Want To Draw Anymore

Cup of coffee in my hands
I sat to watch the news
Stabbing here, shooting there
Commentaries and political views
I watched totally bemused.

Out came my daughter
A pencil and sketchpad in her tiny hand
“Look Mama, I’ve drawn something”, she said
Hands, waving her pencil like a wand
I smiled and looked at her bond.

Momentarily distracted
I focused on my child’s drawing
Stunned, I blinked and stared again
Depicted are two prophets smiling
Hand in hand, they’re walking.

Then, my daughter gently asked
“Mama, what’s the matter?”
An innocent question
For which I have no answer
I reached out and hugged her.

Intimate moments were over
I watched the news again
Eyes on TV, sipping coffee
While watching my child drawing
Then suddenly, the TV screen flashed: Breaking!

A shootout incident
Somebody has gone wild
In jihad’s name he ended
Those innocent people’s lives
A peaceful nation terrorized.

Speculations were given
The cartoons blamed once more
Then, I heard my daughter speak
“Mama, I don’t want to draw anymore”
News forgotten, my coffee spilled on the floor…

I heard the sound of the mug breaking into pieces
I heard my daughter scream
I heard the gunshots in the aired news
But, my thoughts are off wandering
Mind blown, heart died along my child’s shattered dream.

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2015 by Willyn T Trabajador


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